Written Submissions
All written submissions should be the original work of the author. We prefer receiving submissions via email Open Office or Word files attached to your email . Email submissions to crossroadshealings@gmail.com

Articles should be between 800 and 5000 words in length 12 pt, single space. Reviews should not exceed 1000 words. All submissions must contain the author’s name, pen name (if appropriate), email (if available) and web address. Please inform us of deliberate uses of non-traditional spelling so the tone of your work will not be accidentally altered.

Your submission will be acknowledged when we receive your material; We prefer to accept material which has not been previously seen or published – please inform us of multiple submissions or previous publications.

 Compensation and Rights
Crossroads Healing is a community-supported, and as such, most of our articles are written by volunteers. In the future, we hope to be able to commission articles that may be paid for in cash.

Rights: In order to present your article to the widest possible audience, we require non-exclusive print and digital rights of the edited, designed and published version for use in the printed (in the future) and digital versions of the magazine in perpetuity and on the Crossroads Healing website in perpetuity unless withdrawn by the author. If you inform us you would like to withdraw a piece, we would promptly remove it from the site. (Obviously, we can’t unpublish it from the magazine itself.)

You retain all other rights; since our rights are non-exclusive, you can use, publish, share, post or otherwise distribute the original, unedited article in any venue or form you like. We do request that you inform us of any prior use of your piece so we can properly credit other publishers.

Seasonal topics are found below, Yearly special Issue topics found here: Special Issue

Deadline is June 6th, 2020

***Number next to topic relates to the number of articles accepted on that topic. Personal experiences also accepted.

Children’s Day (holiday)(1)
Gay Pride: The mental and emotional effects of exclusion and how to heal.(2)
Roses: Medicinal or Spiritual benefits, recipes (4)
Juneteenth, How the celebration can be used for healing (2)
Fathers day: Emotional impact (2)
Yoga for pain relief (2)
Forgiveness as a part of healing (2)
Celebrating Summer Solstice (2)
Healing Modalities: Reiki and its many forms (3)
Workaholics: how it affects your health and ways to cope (2)
Cholocate as medicine (2)
Emotional effects of modern-day views of Nudity (2)
Raspberry recipes (3)
Friendship on mental and emotional health (3)
Hiking for emotional health (2)
effects of running on mental, emotional or physical health (3)
Dietary lifestyles influenced by Spiritual and Religious Practices (2)
Pets health: Cats (3)
Senior Citizen Health (3)
Oysters & Health (2)
Beer & Health (2)