What if it doesn’t belong to you?

I’m an Access Bars® practitioner/facilitator in Chesapeake Virginia. While taking the class to learn Access Bars®, I was introduced to a cool little tool. “Who does this belong to?”

It turns out that Access Consciousness®, founded by Gary Douglas, believes that most of your thoughts, feelings and emotions aren’t yours. Asking “Who does this belong too?” helps you to make a more conscious thought about what you might be feeling. Have you ever felt suddenly sad or happy or anxious for seemingly no reason? You may actually be picking up emotions from the people around you. You may just be more psychic than you think. The brilliance of this tool is that once you ask the question, you can move on with your life. Just “Return to Sender”.

Here’s an example:

Suddenly I’m feeling tired and cranky after being at the mall for 10 minutes when I was feeling great all day. I then ask myself “Who does this belong to?” If the energy of it feels light, it is not mine. I am just picking it up from the people around me. Just knowing that it is not “yours” can be enough to get you back to your perky self. To me, it feels like, Oh, that isn’t mine, great, nothing to do here. Just “return to sender”. When we pick up on other people’s thoughts and think they are “ours”, we tend to have to “do” something about it. Just knowing it isn’t yours gets you off the hook. Doing this can change your life and has changed mine.

Take the Challenge. For every, thought, feeling and emotion you have during the next 3 days ask, “Who Does This Belong To?” then return it all to sender. Don’t bother to find out where it came from — just return it, and see what shows up in your life! Get the info here http://www.accessconsciousness.com/who-does-this-belong-to.asp.

Michelle Mills
Access Bars® Facilitator


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