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“Why am I here?” is probably one of the most commonly asked questions I get as an Intuitive Angelic Reader. Finding and acknowledging your path and purpose in life is a key component of happiness. If you dislike something, you avoid it and move towards what you love. Being on your path and in the flow of life opens doors and helps you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Some people take the first path that opens up to them, often they get lost along that path. Some of them come to me looking for a way back to a real life, a life which has purpose and direction.

When you live in the flow of life the entire field of potential opens to you. When you are aligned with your true self you are able to create as much abundance and happiness as you want. So, what does it mean to live in the flow?

Being in the Flow is your most natural state and it happens when you let go of all your fears, limiting beliefs and blocks. You are living in the moment, absorbed in the present.

To me, flow is the mystical connection with the universe. Our energy feels unlimited, and time seems to slow down. This is where we are allowing things to just happen and staying open to receive rather than trying to control everything. It is a state where our mind is free of limitations. Our concentration becomes focused and relaxed with our subconscious overriding our conscious beliefs.

It really isn’t difficult to get into the flow. Since it is your most natural state, when you drop all the emotions that do not really belong to your natural state, you automatically move into the state of flow. Letting go allows you to tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe, which knows how to get past your self-limiting beliefs. You begin tapping into your higher consciousness which has the knowledge you seek.

Realigning yourself with your Soul’s Purpose is realizing that the true journey in life is not an outer one at all, but an inner one. The outer self is a reflection of your inner self. Flow is your connection with your inner being; this is your true self.

Pay attention. The flow is always guiding you towards achieving what your heart desires most. To take advantage of that guidance, you must pay attention to the subtle ways that the flow is guiding you. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “going with the flow.” Instead of blocking or limiting your experience, learn how to recognize and cooperate with the flow. By looking inwards and trusting what you are being invited to do, you are surrendering to your soul.

Listen to your Intuition; that is the deep guiding feeling inside of you. Your divine spirit always knows the next path to take. It is continually trying to tell you what that step is. So take the time to slow down, get quiet, and listen to that still, small voice.

Flow often comes to you through the wisdom of others. The divine flow will speak to you through the people who cross your path. It is through their wisdom, their intuitive guidance, that you are often led to your next right step. That doesn’t mean that you have to accept and act on everything that everybody says to you. But you should at least be open and be receptive to others; it’s likely that the person or thing is tied to your true path and the door to your flow.

Another way the divine flow communicates with you is through signs, coincidences, and synchronicities. These occurrences are not mere chance or happenstance. They are divinely designed to open doors for you and create opportunities for you in response to what you desire. But you have to be aware and be present to even notice these signs and synchronicities. And you must act on them. It is up to you to go through those doors of opportunities and to take advantage of these Universal gifts.

Lastly, for living life in the divine flow; you must let go of what you think you know. The divine flow often guides you on your path in a way that is different and much better than anything you would have come up with on your own. But to take advantage of that guidance, you must be open to the possibilities and remain open to receive the wonderful things the Universe has to offer.

It is good for us to be in the flow. Flow with life by listening to your bodies, listening to your souls. Then life begins to flow well and we can find the happiness that we seek.

Miranda Powell


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