How to Keep Your Pet Safe and Cool in Summer 2020?

It is that time of the year again when the temperature rises to an uncomfortable level. What do you then to ensure the safety of your pet during the summer season?

Just like you, your pet also feels the heat and if you fail to give it what it takes to stay safe and cool in summer 2020, your pet might end up sick, worse, can die from dehydration and heatstroke. This is why we are here to help you. Spare us a few minutes of your time to read this article for the benefit of your pet.

Our Tips to Make Your Pet Protected During Summertime:

1. Going on a road trip?

Dogs love being tagged along but make sure that you do not leave your dog inside your car. Some dog owners thought that leaving their canine pal with the air conditioner turned on is not harmless. Actually, it is. The temperature in a parking lot can rise in just 10 minutes.

So, if you need a short toilet break, it is safer to tie your dog in a shaded area.

The same can be said if your pet is a pussycat. You can use a cat-friendly crate that you can take along with you in case you need to have a coffee or toilet break.

2. Want to exercise with your pet?

Not a bad idea but during summer months, we advise you to make adjustments. It is either you exercise with your pet early in the morning or you can do it at dusk time.

Make adjustments, too regarding the intensity of the exercise. You may have to lessen the duration and the number of days that you exercise with your pet.

This is especially true if you own a brachycephalic dog breed like a Pug, a Bull Mastiff, among others. These are the short-nosed dog breeds that are more prone to heatstroke and difficulty in breathing.

What about hamsters? As much as possible, avoid playing with your hamster too much. Why? Because hamsters cannot cool themselves by sweating. This is why they are more prone to dehydration compared with other mammals.

3. Where’s your pet?

Where does your pet stay? Indoor or outdoor? If it stays outdoor, make sure that its cage house is in a shaded area. Plus, if the cage house does not have enough ventilation, we recommend that you look for another cage house that allows more air to come in.

The same can be said for a birdcage. The winter sun may be a heavenly feeling but not if it is during summertime. Try moving the cage in a cooler place, say, for example, the bathroom or any tiled room in the house.

For hamsters, you can utilize an electric fan to cool the room. Just don’t place the fan directly to the hamster cage.

4. Water fun

One of the effective ways to cool down your dog is to allow it to play with water. You may gently hose its entire body or if you have the budget for it, you may want to buy those kiddie pools for your pet to jump in. You may also want to bathe your dog more frequently to remain cool and safe in summer 2020.

For cat lovers out there, you can stroke your cat using a damp cloth to cool it down. Not only does this have a cooling effect but stroking is soothing for your cat, too.

What about birds? Your avian friend feels the heat, too! Always provide a shallow birdbath. Or another option is to spray your pet bird with water. Just fill an ordinary spray bottle with clean, cool water and then gently give your pet a shower of cooling water mist.

And for hamsters-to keep it cool, you can place a frozen water bottle inside its cage. To protect the skin of your hamster from the frozen bottle, wrap the bottle with a soft cloth. This can also be done for pet rabbits.

Another idea for your pet hamster is to freeze the bath sand. You know how much hamsters love to bathe in bath sand. To keep it cool in summer, take a cup of bath sand and place it inside a ziplock to freeze for a few hours. Then remove the bath sand and place inside the hamster cage.

5. Hydration

We cannot emphasize enough the power of hydration. Regardless of your pet’s species, you must always make sure that the water container is replenished all the time.

If you are at work and you can’t check the water container, you have options such as a pet water fountain which is big enough to give a continuous supply of freshwater for dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and rabbit pets.

6. Wet blanket method for birds

For your pet bird to keep safe and cool during the summer months, get a towel and then soak in water. Wring the towel so it does not drip anymore before you drape this on the bird’s cage. This gives a pleasant rainforest-like feeling for your avian pet.

7. Keep those pests away

Summer is the time when pests like fleas and ticks come ‘knocking on your door’. These pests can harm not just to your pet but to their human family, too. We recommend that you take advantage of the different methods of fleas and tick prevention and cure.

8. Beauty time

What about trimming that hair? Go for that summer cut for long-haired pets like a Shitzu, Persian cat, or long-haired rabbit breeds.


Summer is a lovely time to go out and play. But, it is also that season when your pets are at danger of getting weak due to heat. For as long as you follow the tips we shared with you, then you can be sure that it is going to an awesome summer 2020 for you and your animal companion. Keep your pet hydrated, shielded from heat and pests are the things you have to keep in mind on how to be a responsible small pet owner.

Author Bio:

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