Friday the 13th: The Day of the Divine Feminine

Friday the 13th: The Day of the Divine Feminine I’ve always found the superstition and fear around Friday the 13th a little odd. The word Friday actually comes from the time of the old Gods, specifically named after Freya. Norse goddess Freya (or Frigg) was the Goddess of Love in pre-Christian cultures and was originally worshiped on the Sixth Day. She is a goddess of marriage, sex, and fertility. In turn, Friday was a day named to honor those things as well as love, feminine energy, family, and creativity. Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation, death, and rebirth. After all, women’s bodies are the reason why the human species is able to reproduce. Women deserve respect for this and ancient civilization provided it.

The number 13 has also had an unhappy makeover. It was once held to be a sacred feminine number. 13 is actually linked to the menstrual cycle, since, on average, women have about thirteen in a year. It’s regretful that menstrual cycles are still ‘taboo’ and are a source of embarrassment to some women. Instead, it should be viewed as a beautiful reminder that women’s bodies have the magical and precious ability to hold and create new life. In Numerology, the number 13 also holds an extremely potent feminine energy. It represents transformation and change, symbolizing pragmatism, as well as creating a grounding and stable influence to build on in the future. It is perceived that one of the reasons many of us have associated a negative connotation towards this number is due to the existence of some established institutions that have appeared in our civilization throughout history. They were fearful of getting in touch with certain doorways of consciousness, certain avenues of existence that represented, to many of them, things that were thought negative, foreign, or in some terms, evil.

Friday the 13th is not just for women since we all have feminine energy inside us. It is a day for all of us to honor our abilities, to create and receive energy from the world around us. Friday the 13th was and is considered a very powerful day to manifest, honor creativity, celebrate beauty, wisdom, and nourishment of the soul. The number 13 also symbolizes death, but not in the morbid sense. Rather, it is a glorious and desirable transformation. Interestingly, the 13th card in the Tarot deck is Death, which often represents transformation, not physical death. It is a chance for change or an opportunity to release what no longer serves us. Friday the 13th, vibrates with a grounded energy, allowing people to put aside their silly worries and superstitions and move forward, laying the groundwork for their goals. So utilize the many available energies to move forward, make plans, and take action. Friday the 13th is a beautiful day for getting in tune with your emotions, sensitivities, and giving thanks to the beautiful Goddess that lives in us all.

Friday the 13th is a day continued to be deemed unlucky. It is the result of historical patriarchal forces that were deathly afraid of the sacred feminine’s potential influence on their male-dominated ruling structures. While the day is shrouded in superstition and fear, many still consider Friday the 13th what it originally was: a day dedicated to the celebration of fertility and femininity. A day that brings the world a blend of just the right conditions, energies, and elements that make all of us, us.

Miranda Powell

Miranda Powell is an Angelic Intuitive, Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer, Numerologist & Owner of
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