Finding Spirit in the Modern World

Every day countless people go through their day without a connection to Spirit. Spirit is an important part of holistic health; it is also one that is missing in many people’s lives. Many people rush through their days, always saying tomorrow, or next week is when they will get to the things they enjoy doing. Many allow the busyness that is the modern way of life to consume them. They rush their children by saying, “come on hurry up we don’t have time for that,” “no honey I don’t have time to play I have to work” and “gosh I am going to be late there isn’t enough time in the day.”

Yet everyone is given the same amount of time in a day, 24 hours, to work, play, love, and find spirit. Some are lucky in that their work or play fills what their Spirit needs to stay healthy. Today most people are focused on making and spending money more so than filling their spirit or finding it. They seek a magic pill to fix them when they are unsure of what is wrong. Sometimes they try to fill this void that should be their spirit with caffeine, drugs, alcohol, energy drinks, the internet, sex and staying busy all the time. They say they don’t have time to find that hobby, read that book or take that walk in nature. They work a job because it pays the bills and not because it fills their Spirit.

Finding Spirit isn’t hard, it doesn’t take lots of time to be honest. Finding Spirit can and will make people happier and healthier. It takes work but it can be done. Below are some things one can do to find spirit in their life.

· Slow down stop rushing, look at your schedule and ask what is important and must be done today, what can wait, and what can you ask someone else to help you do? Can your husband pick up the dry cleaning today and save you five minutes? Do the kids really need to be in so many activities that you don’t have dinner as a family? Who are you rushing for, is it for yourself or others?

· Talk a walk during your lunch break, it’s your time use it. Connect to nature or if a walk is not something you can do journal, read a book, meditate, pray, or just be. Allow yourself this time to recharge and listen to your spirit it’s screaming at you.

· Look at your job, does it reward you? Is it what you have always wanted to do or is it to just pay the bills? Ask yourself is this WHO you are or is it WHAT you do? If it’s WHAT you do, then WHO are you? What changes can you make so that you can become WHO you are?

· Ask yourself what is it you really want and need, do you need that new car every three years? Do your kids need all the toys in the world when they are not home to enjoy them?

· Have dinner at the table every night, as a family if you have one. If you are single and don’t want to eat alone invite a friend, or a neighbor over to share your meal. Take the time to connect with them; this will help you find your spirit.

· Mediation, make time to just be and still, your mind, find guided meditations that you love or just simply sit down and just be, just sit there and not think of anything. Allow your mind to listen to the spirit within and what it’s telling you.

· One of the biggest ones. Learn to say NO! It’s ok to tell someone you can’t help them or do something for them. It’s ok to say NO I am sorry I can’t do that. It’s ok to take time for yourself. In the end, you will find spirit and become happier.

This list is in no way all-inclusive. Not everything will work for everyone, not everyone can leave and change jobs quickly to fill their spirit. However, they can find a few minutes in a day to feed their spirit be it with music, art, a walk in the woods, or reading a book. Slow down and enjoy life. Listen to that voice inside, it’s telling you what you need to hear. Having everything in life isn’t worth it if you can’t enjoy life. Originally published at ProductivityLifeSpirituality

Charise Clarke

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