Editors Note: Learning to Just Stop

In the beginning, there was an idea of being able to gather together people from various backgrounds and healing practices and bringing them together to spread the knowledge old and new that had been acquired over the years. Now I sit here typing this intro to a publication that I once dreamed about years ago. Yesterday I sat down to write this and was suddenly blank and overwhelmed, so I decided to sleep on it and read over the stories that had been submitted. Reading the words of these women to say the least was awe inspiring, some I have know for years others, I am just getting to know but the knowledge they have and willingness to share fills be with gratitude.

This is our Flagship issue and I was moved to allow each person to submit what they where guided to send me, I wanted to see what theme would surface. What was the common message that the creator was sending out into the world at this time? Stop, that was the message just stop with the running, Stop with the constant care for others and neglecting your self. Stop for a moment and take inventory of what you have, take the needed time to see what has already been placed before you and appreciate it, be grateful. Take a moment to see the beauty that is around you, soak in the laughter, the smell of the rain and the chill in the air. Stop and take a moment to see all that you have accomplished in the seasons before, and then Rest.

It seems appropriate for that to be the running theme for the December issue considering that I chose to set the timing and themes according to the Medicine Wheel. October through December are the fall months on the wheel and this has always been a time of harvest and preparation for the winter months ahead. Fall has been a time of gathering in your stores, assuring you have what you need for the time when travel comes to a crawl and we head into the deep winter and a time of turning inward to heal ourselves.

So I invite you you to take the time for yourself and the lessons these Wise Women have to offer and prepare for turning inward.

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