Dandelion Salmon Patties

Over the past few weeks, I have been busy putting together a herbal club to teach about various herbs and their properties of healing and health as well as how to cook with them.

This month we used Dandelion and I have been making oils and cooking with it. Last night I made Salmon patties and broccoli and for those who follow me on facebook here is the recipe

Please note I cook like my mother and grandmother before me. measurement are rare things…

2 cans of Pink Salmon

2 handfuls of dried Dandelion leaf

2 good dashes of Garlic, Salt and Pepper and Turmeric

Fresh out the garden

4–5 leaves cut up Basil,

1 sprig cut up Rosemary and Marjoram

1 Egg

Flour or bread crumbs enough to make them hold together**

form into patties

Put a little oil in the pan and cook till golden brown on both sides turning once

** note I use a combination of half wheat and white flour. you can use what Type of flours work for you to fit your dietary needs.


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