5 Creative Abundant Crystals for Your Spiritual Toolkit and How to Make them Sing for You!

Creating abundance in our lives is not as challenging as we might think, however, to make it REALLY effective we need to approach it as a multi-step process. What do I mean by that…well, when approaching abundance the first step is to stop for a moment and really take inventory of what is all around you. That is from everything within your life to what surrounds you physically. By pausing and seeing the ‘wealth’ within your life you are able to engage with the energy of abundances. Your attitude and intent for abundance is just as important as the crystals you choose to work with because crystals are amplification tools so whatever you are projecting they will amplify. When that split second you have doubt or a fleeting thought that is not in alignment with what you are creating occurs, you open the door to all kinds of energetic havoc and what you are trying to accomplish will struggle to manifest. So, taking a few extra minutes, even days, to get into the correct frame of mind because it is very important.

I encourage people to get into the right frame of mind by writing out a list of what they are grateful for in their lives and why. Personally, I find the ‘why’ part of this exercise to be vital because it magnifies the energy around each intention. When working from a space of gratitude it easier to connect with manifesting abundance. Start by writing 10 things that you are thankful and grateful for in your life today; if you can focus your intentions around what it is you are creating all the better. It is not always easy to focus our gratitude on the intention we are creating especially if it is a general topic or feeling. 

During those moments take the time to spend a little longer working with what you are thankful for in your life. Remember the attitude of gratitude is the best approach when creating an abundant life.

Many of us focus on our abundance from a place of lacking, so when we are trying to create anything the energy we frequently begin with has a negative undertone, and that is why beginning the process from a place gratitude is rewarding. The best example I can give is portrait beautifully in the classic Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. George Baily is the everyday guy with a big dream of seeing the world and wishing for millions, but ended up being left behind…or so he thought. In reality his life was very rich. He had a loving family, friends and community who adored him for the person he was inside. By being the best person he could be and taking care of others he created abundance for so many, but it took him seeing what life would be like without him to realize what an abundant life he had. It is a fantastic ‘feel good’ movie for the holidays…one of my favs. Watch it with a few of your abundance crystals this Christmas season and… WOW…crazy awesomeness…

I digress…

Once you are in the mindset of abundance, it is time to start focusing on what it is that you are trying to create. Get as specific as you possibly can…you want to see it as already being complete. There is no “I wish…” “I hope…” or “I want…”.

No, my friends, your approach is “I am grateful that I was able to create… this abundance has brought forth…. Changing my outlook, life, business, health, family, etc. because…” The POWER that your clear intention will bring will be amplified by the crystals you choose to add. A word of caution, what you think is just as powerful as what you write and what you say, don’t let your inner mean girl or bully derail your intentions. Should they decide that they need to pipe in, and frankly they usually do, thank them and ask them to be your cheerleader rather than your enemy. Assign them a new job, like pointing out what it is that you are creating those moments you are not paying attention to what is around you. Giving our inner voices a job can save us a great deal of heart ache.

So here it is…what you all have been waiting for…the SPARKLES…


Let’s grab those crystals now… it’s all about what you are trying to create that is why being clear on your intent is SOOOO important…

These are my top 5 picks for Creating Abundance ~

Clear Quartz ~ is fantastic for AMPLIFYING your intention, so keep it on point and remember to stay on the positive side.

Carnelian ~ is warm, fuzzy and gets your CREATIVE juices flowing at those times you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Fluorite ~ really assists you in FOCUSING on what it is that you are trying to create, learn and grasp.

Aventurine ~ opens doors to POSSIBILITIES that will appear in your life. It also gently releases unwanted thoughts that have a tendency to really hold us back from our desires.

Citrine ~ attracts money making OPPORTUNITIES… it is considered the money stone in several culture.

Have fun with the process. Creating anything in life is about the journey, not the end goal…abundance is no different. Everyday let the crystals guide you towards creating you abundant life!


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