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Healing is about wholeness, balance, harmony, beauty, and meaning, it is as important as curing disease; which at times is the same thing.

Welcome to Crossroads Healing 2.0

The rebirth of Crossroads Healing has been a long time coming and it’s finally here. This passion project was my way of giving back to the community but what it has really become is a way for not only myself but the writers to help educate and offer different perspectives and points of view on the topics of healing and wellness.

I chose crossroads because it is a place where the different and differences come together. It is the place where Modern Medicine, Alternative Health, and Ancient ways come together to create a whole picture of what healing and health look like.

Here you will find the professional alongside the personal, Doulas, and Midwives, Doctors, and Shaman, the Physical and the Spiritual

Welcome to the Crossroads

Monica Spirit Walker – Editor and Writer

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